Create a quick and easy link for customers to leave google reviews

Google MyBusiness is completely free and an advert is automatically generated by google for your business.  People can leave reviews here immediately.  It’s important that the ‘own this business?’ link is clicked so you can control your Mybusiness listing and ultimately, reply to reviews.

Still to this day, after speaking to clients about the importance of Google reviews, it still seems that this is often overlooked and there are unclaimed business entries still in Google.

It’s easy to generate a link that your customers can click on and directly write a review on your Google My Business maps listing.

This link is incredibly important so you can forward it onto customers and obtain more Google reviews for credibility purposes.

There are a couple of simple methods that you can use right now, and get your ‘leave a review on Google’ link.

The actual link looks like this, but you need to replace the ‘placeid’ with the number associated with your Google MyBusiness entry:

Use the PLACEID Generator website at Google to get your PlaceID and you have a Google Review link ready to go!

The sheer length of this generated URL doesn’t look great.  So you can use a URL shortening tool like or Google’s URL Shortener, which makes it easier to share it on social media and emails.

But how do you go about getting more reviews for customers in the first place? Great question.

Track all reviews and ideally respond to them

With the right amount of exposure, Google review links can bring in more feedback. When this large influx comes in, make sure that you keep track of every piece of feedback. Luckily Google MyBusiness allows you to track all the reviews and allows you to respond to reviews or ratings, which can be vital to a credibility of a business.