How Important Are Testimonials?

One of the best ways to get new business is quite simply word-of-mouth.  But unless everybody knows each other you tend to focus on a very small space.  Ideally, you need to be able to ask your customers for online reviews and testimonials.

Client testimonials and reviews are incredibly important.  Instead of just boasting about your services on your website, you need to back this up with some credibility from former clients and give proof of their satisfaction.

How do you ask your customers for testimonials?

It’s massively beneficial to you to collect as many testimonials as you can for your website and also to encourage your clients to leave reviews for you on Google.   Google reviews are one of the first things somebody will see when searching for your company even before they have clicked on your website. This is especially important on a mobile device where the Google review is prominently displayed showing the star rating in all its glory.

These ‘star’ ratings stand out like a sore thumb in search results when compared to your competition.  the mansion your competition has 50 Google reviews which are all five-star reviews and your business has only three.  In this instance a potential customer will almost always view your competitor first and in the back of their mind they will perceive your competitor as a much better business.

If a potential client doesn’t know you and has never heard of your business before they simply can’t trust that your business is credible. Research shows consumers need to read approximately 10 online reviews before they can start to trust a business.

Create a Google MyBusiness page

This is completely free and only takes a few minutes to set up your business profile which will include your physical address and website link together with opening hours and images of the business.  Create your page here

Logic Red Google MyBusiness entry

This is the only way you’re listing will show up to the right, or top of Google search results. It’s basically a mini advert for your business.  Your Google entry will also show on the Google maps results page as shown below

Google maps showing the location of Logic red

Don’t forget to monitor these reviews and respond to them as most people will not only read the reviews, but they also look at the businesses responses to them.

Send your clients a sign off survey

When you have finished working with your client you will probably already have some kind of sign off process.   You should now include a step where you follow up approximately one month after the project/relationship ends asking for a testimonial and Google review.

By leaving this delay you are not putting any pressure on the client to give positive feedback on the spot.  Here is an example:

“Hi.  It was a great pleasure working with you and we are glad we had a hand in helping you create the ideal website for your business. I trust you are happy with the experience and I would really appreciate it if you could leave a Google Review so other business owners like yourself can find our services”

Use your email signature to add a link to your Google Review

Let’s face it most of the communication with your clients will be via email,  so quite simply add a link to the Google review section.

Email with Google Review link

Write a testimonial for them in return

Before you ask a customer for a review,  you can always write a review for them first.  You are more likely to receive a review in return.

Backed up with a decent portfolio, reviews and testimonials are essential to any business.