SEO Training Norwich

Should you consider SEO training after receiving one of our keyword reports?

Some of our clients like to ‘dabble’ with SEO and in some cases this can help when they write blogs for us to optimise.  If you perform a Google search for SEO training you will see a large amount of different courses, schools, sessions and on site training.  But there is a common theme here.  They teach you SEO,  in a day maybe even a week but the ever growing changes that happen in SEO means that you can learn it in one week, but a few months down the line and some of your training may not be that relevant.  You have to learn SEO by constantly keeping up to date with the growing internet SEO trends.  Have you ever considered what makes Google such a good search engine?  It’s not really because it’s advertised all over the place and it isn’t because they try to get you to use their search engine all the time.  If you don’t quite believe that statement, why is it that  20,400,00 times a month in the UK Google gets searched on in its own search tool bar.  Google isn’t the most common search engine because of its marketing, it’s the best search engine because of its excellent quality results.  It concentrates on quality and getting the quality results direct to you as a as a user.

Why Google?

No doubt Google is the biggest search engine out there. It wouldn’t be if it didn’t find the excellent quality results to put into its search engine.   A great deal of people will search in Google several times to find what they are looking for.   Finding an optimised page can display great detail about the search term entered and may be had a thousand words to say about it. It could have relevant images with good quality Alt text referring to my keyword.  The Page title, Header Tags and Meta description all are talking about the keyword or saying it. Finally there could be several external quality links pointing to it saying the keyword I searched for.  This is the reason it was number 1 in Google not because it was “hiding stuff just for SEO” but because the site matched it well and it was all there for both the customer to see and for Google.

Helping out clients in Norwich

As an SEO company ourselves we find it highly important for us to help our clients to show them the work we do.  It has to make sense to our clients, if you don’t understand the process or concept behind it then it is difficult to buy into it.  When we ask for unique, keyword focused, 1000 word articles for the site or any SEO company does, then the customer understands the value behind it.   It sets you apart from the competition.

Make sure it’s your website that is found in a Google search.  With best practice in mind we can guide you through the rights and wrongs of search engine optimisation.

The key to effective search engine optimisation is to make sure the process is planned, implemented and delivered.  


We all know that planning any task is the key to success, this is very important with Seach Engine Optimisation and we will carry out the following:

  • Current site analysis
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Keyword research

Put in Place

From this planning we are able to recommend SEO strategies detailing time and budget required and the areas best focused on.  Depending on budget and requirements this will determine which areas are concentrated on:

  • On page optimisation
  • Content optimisation
  • link building
  • social media set up and training

Ongoing SEO services

We monitor the performance of the website (using Google analytics and other tools) and make sure that the project is performing as expected whilst constantly adjusting in response to our data analysis.