Your competitor’s keywords and Google Adwords uncovered!

Do you really know how your website is performing?  Is your content optimised to it’s full potential?

We offer a full set of keyword reports together with an online video walkthrough recommending ways to get more traffic to your site.   These reports also show how your competitors are performing and which search engine key phrases are being used to find their websites.  Use this reports when creating your website content/blogs to ensure you get the best exposure in search engines.


Finally have an idea of what your audience is searching for in Google together with ranking reports for your site & your competitor’s sites showing search volumes per month.

  • Which keywords are used to locate your site and how you rank for those keywords.
  • The volume of searches for those given keywords
  • Which pages on your website are the keywords pointing to
  • Average price advertisers pay on a customer’s click by a Google Advert triggered by each keyword
  • An estimate of how difficult it would be to rank well for each keyword

By using this keyword report it’s now possible to see what are the most popular key phrases that are being used to find a particular site.

Search Engine Optimisation Keywords Report
  • Discover competitors successful keywords, identify other sites which share the same keywords as yours and show their monthly traffic.
  • View competitors’ landing pages for a given keyword and obtain content ideas for your website optimization.
keywords showing google keywords from competitors websites
  • This shows incoming links (and their quality) that point to your website which all add to your websites trustworthiness.
  • Your competitors backlinks are also shown so you can target them and obtain backlinks to your website
Backlink Report for Search Engine Optimisation purposes
  • Your competitors’ Google Adwords strategies AND budget are finally uncovered.
  • You will have access to your competitors’ and industry leaders’ top performing keywords, the ones that drive their websites in Google Adwords.
Google Adwords - Showing which keywords are used