What you need know about SEO and domain names

SEO plays a large part of a business’s online reputation.  If you are a new company you cannot ignore the crucial factors of your business especially the domain name of your website and its SEO strategy.  So, what does your company need to know about SEO and domain names?

Choose the most appropriate domain name that reflects your brand

Always appropriately name your business if it is a startup.  It is important to consider the foundation of your startup and what it stands for, bearing in mind that this name will be your startup’s first and sometimes only impression.

Your next big challenge would be to decide on the domain name. A domain name carries a great deal of value in terms of your website’s digital marketing so choosing the domain name is vital for your overall SEO.

A short domain name that preferably carries the name of your brand is the obvious choice.  A long domain number or one containing numbers is a bad idea.  A unique domain name with sensible extension based on the nature of your business operations can perform better for you.  Including keywords in your domain name can help you rank better in search engines.

Targeting the right keywords for SEO

Once you have found a domain name for your business, it’s time to jump right into the “keyword” bandwagon.  Using long-tailed keywords is recommended if you are a startup company. This will make sure that your chances of ranking for a certain service or product become higher as compared to other companies that are not running this strategy.

Obviously, there are great keyword suggestion and research tools available in the market to help you.  Logic Red can help you with this with it’s keyword report service and uses tools to help you discover thousands of great keywords to rank for together with analyzing their ranking difficulty and calculate traffic potential.

Keep your website updated!

You probably know that blogs are crucial as part of your SEO process for your website.  If you are a startup business that has recently started a new website, ensure that you blog at least once a week so that the search engines stay in the loop and keep your site indexed.