SEO Kings Lynn

Being nestled between Kings Lynn and Norwich brings Logic Red SEO work from both areas.  Our keyword reports service @ £150 is very popular to both areas and has given some eye opening data on customers websites and also their competitors.  Most modern websites will be content managed via WordPress or similar so clients happily update their own sites.  They are told to write blogs as much as possible to keep content flowing throughout their website (thus keeping search engines interested).  BUT, without knowing which high performing keywords to scatter through the content makes things very difficult.

Search Engine Optimisation services in Kings Lynn

A correctly written blog with carefully selected keyphrases, could mean a page 1 position with, where a blog written with no keyphrase knowledge could show the results at a much lower page.  The SEO keyword report is invaluable, and will show you which keyphrases your customers are using to find your business area.

Kings Lynn has many companies who can benefit from our keyword reports service.  Even very small tweaks to web content can boost web page rankings significantly.  Ask for a report today.